3 Tips to prepare for finals

Annalise Murphy and Annalise Murphy

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        Fall semester has gone by really fast here on the Hilltop, and now it is time to prepare for finals week! Finals can cause a lot of stress and headache! Thankfully, there are ways to help prepare you for your exams and release stress!

        When studying for your exam, it is important to prioritize your time, making time for sleep, and minimizing distractions. By following these three tips, you can better prepare for your final and reduce stress!

        Prioritizing your time by studying for the classes you struggle with most and leaving studying for the classes you don’t struggle with for last is going to maximize your success. It is also important to not procrastinate your studying. Trying to fit in all your studying the night before the test is not going to prepare you as well as if you start early. Instead, try to set aside time, around 30 to 40 minutes, to study for an exam. Then, as hard as it might be, take a break. Science shows that taking breaks in between study sessions is better for long term retention of information. After you have taken a break, start another 30 to 40 study session.

        It is no doubt that finals week can cause students to pull all-nighters when trying to retain as much information as possible. But, this is actually causing you more harm than good. When preparing for finals, you need to make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep. The amount of sleep that a person needs is different for each individual, but most adults need between 6-9 hours in order to be well-rested. Not getting enough sleep results in tiredness, drowsiness, and impaired memory. All of these symptoms caused by a lack of sleep can hurt your grade when taking an exam. So, getting enough sleep each night is going to help you stay well-rested and ready to ace that exam!

        When you are studying, it is beneficial for retaining information to minimize distractions. Studying in a quiet place such as the library, student lounges, or even the ASRC when games or practices aren’t going on is the best option. Having the television on, or your phone close by creates a distraction for your mind. By going somewhere quiet where you can’t be distracted by electronics or other people is going to help you stay focused on what you are studying, therefore; helping you retain information.

        Yes, finals are a cause for stress and headache. But, if you follow these tips of prioritizing your time, getting enough sleep, and studying in a quiet place, you are setting yourself up for success and reducing stress. Good Luck on your exams Hilltoppers! Have a great Christmas break!