LSDC offers students help in several ways

Anna Johnston, Online Editor


West Liberty is home to several excellent student resources, one standout being the

    The LSDC also offers career services. McPherson says “This is an area we are trying to grow this semester specifically through our sharing of internships, job opportunities and hopefully offering a couple of different workshops like resume building and interview skills.”

    The center itself offers a calm, comfortable environment to study or relax between classes with multiple rooms, and plenty of candy. Currently, around 10-15 students come into the center every day, a number the staff are trying to grow.

    The LSDC is somewhat of a hidden gem on campus and it’s services can be valuable to all students on campus whether it be from academic coaching or simply providing a study spot. For more information contact Chris McPherson by email at [email protected] and follow the Learning and Student Development Center on Instagram and Twitter at @wlu_lsdc for updates on study labs and tutoring services.