The podcast Transgender: Why Should I care? by Jaclyn Merrill sets to give others an understanding of the world around us

Transgender: Why Should I Care Podcast

Dr. Becky Meacham and senior psychology major Jaclyn Merrill have collaborated for Merrill’s senior project and created a podcast.


This podcast “takes the research about basics of the transgender community,” reads the description. All the research used in this podcast is current and valid and can be found in the descriptions of each podcast. There are four podcasts as of Oct. 9, 2020 and they are well worth the listen if you are interested in learning more about the topic of transgender and what being transgender means and give people a better understanding of what their friends, family and maybe even themselves are going through.

Dr. Meacham and Merrill are both Cisgender females which is a term used to identify a person with the sex they were born with. There is a lot of large vocabulary that those of us might not see on a daily basis and that is exactly why students should listen even just to get informed.

West Liberty University offers a diverse and accepting campus but many students are unaware or misinformed about the information on the LGBTQ+ community. Each podcast is forty minutes to an hour long. The first podcasts explains the basics of Transgender and each one after goes into a spcific part of what being Transgender actually means.

The link to Dr. Meacham and Merrill’s website can be found here for more information:

Their aim for this podcast is to, “become an educational resource for the cisgender community while also creating tolerance towards transgender individuals. However, this comes with the understanding that we are not a part of that community. We do not intend to claim any part of the transgender community as our own, but rather, as a community for which we have deep regard and respect.”

“Many topics in the LGBTQ+ community especially Transgender, I feel like for me, personally, are misunderstood by many people not only in this area but around the country and it is awesome to see a podcast come from right here on the hilltop with students and professors that are passionate about others getting a wider understanding of the world around us.” says, Emily Everson.

This is definitely something everyone should at least have some knowledge about in our current society so we understand what is happening in these communities with politics, life, and well being.