Study Tips For Finals Week


Morgan Kafana

Graduate student Caitlin Devries studies quietly in the library. Devries is working to obtain her traditional biology master’s degree.

Study Tips for Finals Week
By: Emma Beatty
The week of final exams is quickly approaching in this unusual semester. This year finals will happen from Nov. 28 to Dec. 4. Another important date to note is Nov. 24 which is the last day of classes as well as the last day to drop a course. Finals week is arguably the most stressful time of the semester. Despite this, there are several things one can do to make sure that the stress is manageable.
A very important first step, as reported by Lisa Witzberger who is the Director of Counseling Services, is to take time out of your day to manage your time. She said, “…You literally have to spend time managing your time, which will ultimately save you time. These time management skills will serve you well throughout your college years and will also be invaluable when you enter the working world.” The first step to time management is to find a planner or calendar of some kind that you will write your schedule on. It is very important to know when your finals are taking place. In addition to this, you should plan your study times and what other assignments you could possibly have. You could also record things such as meals and planned relaxation to make sure your time is spent to the fullest extent.
There are many ways to relax between exams and studying. The first is to spend time with your friends and family. Your brain will need a break because after a while, it cannot absorb any more information. Another way is to exercise. After sitting at your desk all day, you need to move, even if it is just a small walk around campus or your neighborhood. Exercise also increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain which allows for the comprehension of more material. A very simple last way to relax is to just have quiet time. During this time, turn off all electronic devices as you most likely will have been glued to them all day.
As for the studying process, there are several techniques that can be helpful. The first is to take advantage of study guides, if you are given any, or even make your own. Study guides are a great way to plan for an exam as well as to quiz yourself. You can quiz yourself easily by turning a study guide into a Kahoot for free. Make sure to find a way to make this type of studying fun. Color-coding or making mnemonic devices is an excellent way to do this. Another tip is to not be afraid to reach out to your professor or teaching assistant. They are there to answer any questions you have about the exam or material. Lastly, reach out to classmates to have social-distanced study sessions. These could easily be held over Zoom. This way you could talk through the material together and get a better understanding.
One last reminder is to breathe! Finals week is not the end of the world, and you will survive it. Good luck!