“The Mandalorian” season two, episode one review

Looking for something to watch over winter break? The highly anticipated second season of Disney+’s original Star Wars series has arrived! “The Mandalorian” is a fast-paced, action adventure show that will have its viewers on the edge of their seats. The show has received a
92% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an indication of a must-watch for any series. Light spoilers for the seasons follow.

The first season released exclusively for Disney+ subscribers in Nov. 2019, and premieres on the platform on Friday’s during active seasons. Each season has eight episodes, with season two releasing over a two month period. The show’s typical runtime can vary from 32-52 minutes with each being referred to as a new chapter of the story.

The story follows a Mandalorian bounty-hunter after the events of episodes four-six in the Star Wars universe. He is a mysterious character with a troubled past. The first season takes him through the galaxy to protect an unexpected “guest” acquired on a mission. The “guest” is a child of an unknown species that is wanted by the evil New Republic. He is faced with various challenges for his Mandalorian code throughout. The use of captivating CGI and attention to detail draws viewers in. Endearing moments between the child and the Mandalorian make their bond stronger. It is revealed that the child is actually a surviving member of the Jedi race. The Mandalorian’s code has entrusted him with returning the child to its people. The season ends with the Mandalorian on the run from the New Republic with the child in tow.

The new season of “The Mandalorian” sets off with its next chapter. It is entitled “Chapter 9: The Marshal.” The Mandalorian and the child, nicknamed “Baby Yoda” by fans, are still on the run. They end up on Tatooine, searching for the child’s home. The pair are instructed to seek out another Mandalorian in a nearby settlement, who may have valuable information. Tatooine proves to be dangerous, with a monster that terrorizes the small town. The man in question ends up being the town’s marshal in Mandalorian armor. Our protagonist agrees to pair up with him to solve the town’s problem in exchange for the return of the armor.

The main conflict of the episode is set up well. The Mandalorian and marshal team up to enlist help in defeating the monster. The use of snappy, but funny dialogue helps to ease the tension. There are high stakes for all characters involved, which makes for a great episode. The amount of action scenes makes it a great start to the new season. There are high expectations from fans, but with how well the last season was received there is a great season in store.

“The Mandalorian” is available on Disney+ for $6.99/month. The platform also includes various other original series and past Disney works. It is a great streaming platform for anyone who loves Disney’s content. Since Star Wars is now owned by Disney, it is easy for potential viewers to catch up to “The Mandalorians” starting point. It is a great watch for anyone interested in something new to binge over break! https://www.disneyplus.com .