Local Zumba Classes to help you stay fit in 2021

Have you been looking for a new way to get in shape for the new year? There are other things to do besides the usual weight lifting and running. Beverly Thomas Reid is an owner of two fitness studios in the tri-state area. Her two studios are in Wintersville, Ohio and Weirton, W. Va.. Zumba studios like the ones previously mentioned have helped countless people work towards their weight and become the best versions of themselves. Not only do the classes provided help maintain a fitness goal, they also make people feel better and have more energy. Beverly Thomas Reid started as a student in 2012, and worked her way up to get certified in November of 2013. She is Zumba certified, but also teaches other classes like BeatBoxing, her own creation, and weight classes. Zumba is a dance fitness class built from Latin dance. BeatBoxing is a “fun kickboxing class mixed with easy to follow hip hop dance choreography” said Reid. She created this workout in 2015. “Both are fun and feel like a party rather than working out,” says Reid. I personally have been to many of these classes since she has started and seen my own progress. I don’t even feel like I’m working out when I’m doing the hour long classes, I am just having fun. After asking Reid about her classes, she says that many things motivate her to continue to teach. Her biggest motivation is seeing all of the results in the valley. “It works and it helps people.” she says, “It gives us all something to look forward to.” Another motivation is that her oldest daughter, Haily Prantil joined her business with her in 2015. Prantil is a co-business partner for the Weirton studio, aside with being Beverly’s daughter. Prantil got certified in 2015 for her birthday and has been continuing to teach since. Beverly’s advice for anyone wanting to start their own business is to, “…do it with your heart and you will succeed. Put passion in your classes. If you are having fun, so will your students!” If you’re not looking to start your own fitness studio, then try to come to the classes! Beverly says if you are nervous about coming to a class, “Just come and have fun! We all start at the beginning so there is no reason to be nervous. We keep it simple and fun. The Atmosphere is friendly and supportive.” These classes can definitely make your mind and body feel so much better. If you are thinking about coming to a class, the studios are located in Wintersville, Ohio and Weirton, W. Va. There is a page on Facebook called “Fit Fun and Fabulous” to see schedules and addresses.