U.S. Stimulus Checks disappointing many Americans

For our suffering, Biden has proposed a total of 2,000 dollars per check and some other money for vaccines. Canada has given out 2,000 dollars a month every month since the start of the pandemic. In comparison, we are slacking as a country.
Canadians receive 2,000 dollars in three days directly into their bank account after filing out an online form on a monthly basis, while Americans have only gotten two checks so far. College kids not included.
We have put ourselves in debt. According to the Congressional Research Service, “In April, every state and the District of Columbia reached unemployment rates greater than their highest unemployment rates during the Great Depression.” Meanwhile, Canada had a debt strategy. They increased borrowing and the checks received, stabilizing numbers and jobs.
When comparing Covid deaths, it becomes clear that our government is too slow in their actions. Canada’s deaths are about 20,800, while America’s death toll has reached 462,000. Having these checks allowed Canadian’s to stay at home and avoid the virus. Concurrently, America had no clear plan.
Not only that, but it wasn’t a problem according to our former President, Donald Trump. As Trump told us that the number of cases were going to get better, they got worse. So, why would we get checks when it was supposedly supposed to get better? It was supposed to get worse and it was obvious to everyone who didn’t try to ignore it by denying it.
Of course, America’s debt before the pandemic isn’t something to brag about. We simply cannot receive as much aid as Canadians. 2,000 dollars doesn’t cut it, but we aren’t going to get back on our feet as fast as Canadians. We need a plan now, not later.