Former President Trump acquitted, ending his second impeachment trial

Trump’s opening statement argues that statements said in the speech on Jan. 6 before the riot are protected by the first amendment. However, his argument is not sufficient.
His lawyers are giving part-truths about the constitution. 144 constitutional scholars agree with this letter: “The First Amendment does not apply in impeachment proceedings, so it cannot provide a defense for President Trump,” wrote Charles Fried, a jurist and lawyer, as well as, the former United States Solicitor General.

There were also angry outbursts during a question and answer session. Trump was pressured to say whether or not he lost the election. Michael Van der Veen, an attorney who is part of Trump’s defense team, replied, “irrelevant”. At this point in the game, I would say this reply is childish. Bernie Sanders gave an angry, “No, it isn’t!”, back.

The main issue is whether or not Trump knew that what he said would inflict future violence. This is the same issue that overturned the 1969 decision in Brandenburg v. Ohio. This is a standard that may never stand again.

Former President Donald Trump was acquitted Saturday, Feb. 13, ending his second impeachment trial. The final vote was 57-43. This trail is a first in the history books for the first-ever conviction of a president.

This result just shows how much we are divided as a country. This calls attention to the divided opinion on how the former president addresses the public. The way Trump said, “Fight like hell.”, was taken literally by rioters. He has said many things in the past that were not to take literally and sometimes vulgar language was involved. This could have been avoided if it was understood that presenting yourself to the nation is important and should be taken seriously. The presidency is a place to, at least, act like a professional.

It leaves us wondering: He was not held responsible, but was he morally guilty? It’s not about the alleged ‘democrats hatred of Trump’, it is about morality. It has nothing to do with others political opinions, and everything to do with his intentions.