Looking for new music? Stream Dopamine, a local Pittsburgh band

Have you been looking for some new music and some COVID friendly shows? Dopamine is the right band for you! Dopamine is a Pittsburgh made band that is blowing up. The band consists of one member who makes all the music himself. Dopamine also has a ten person live band to perform shows. The live shows are always hyped up, and are always a wonderful time. Even if you can’t make it to a show, you can support Dopamine on all music streaming services! There are no words to describe the wonderful music made by Dopamine.

The music has its own sound, like it’s never been done before. Some of the hits are songs like, “Ashley Left Last Night” and “The Patriot”. I have recently had a new friend, Brooke McMillan, start going to the shows and listening to the music. “The atmosphere is definitely welcoming for anybody and everyone. The shows give you a rush of excitement and they really do produce dopamine,” she says to me. The whole band really welcomes newcomers with open arms and makes you feel like you’ve known them for years. I met Dopamine in 2018, and ever since then he has been nothing but sweet to me and has always supported all of my decisions.

On Feb. 14, 2021, Dopamine was able to do a show. Masks were required, and there were a limited amount of people able to come. The show was in Pittsburgh, and you had to RSVP to attend. This show was filled with artists and was fun from the beginning to end. Not only does Dopamine sing their own songs, but also covers of artists such as “The Beach Boys” and “The Mamas And The Papas.” Dopamine’s take on these artists are phenomenal, and sometimes I wish I could just listen to Dopamine versions of the songs they cover instead of the originals.

The show also had an opener of “Noah Nolastname” a band from Columbus, Ohio. The show started around 9pm and consisted of about an hour and a half long set. Everyone there was completely pumped up and jumping around the whole time. All music was played wonderfully and was the absolute best time. There was not a dull moment the entire set. Dopamine’s set consisted of “These Boots are Made For Walking” and “Please Let Me Wonder” along with a few more covers and three originals.

The band is beautifully played with no mess ups and constant fun. A live performance from Dopamine is worth the drive, and something you do not want to miss. To listen to Dopamine you can look them up on Spotify or Apple Music or any other streaming service. To get updates about music follow dopamine.m4a on Instagram.