Experience “Paradise” while listening to Stephen Thomas’s first EP

Looking for a new artist to get into this year? “Idiot” is the one to check out! Stephen Thomas, a self-working artist, has recently come out with a new project called “Idiot” and recently released his first EP. The EP was released Feb. 19, 2021. He is a 20-year-old from the Pittsburgh area that has been working in music for quite some time now. From starting other projects to working on this current one now, everything he has put out has been a success. “For a large portion of the past year, I lived in a really unhealthy state of isolation and self-deprivation. This project was born out of this.” Stephen says, speaking about his new EP. All five songs on this “Paradise” EP were written, recorded, and performed by himself. The EP had two singles before the rest of it followed, “New Obsession” (my personal favorite) and “Mary.”

As I listened to the whole thing, I felt like I could understand Stephen better and felt as if I have known him longer than what I actually have. Others also may be able to feel like they know him through his music. This project shows you insight into how he felt at some low points. I personally feel like writing and releasing something so vulnerable such as track three, is a very courageous thing. It made me feel like I could cry listening to it, and I know it will make others feel that way, also.

As the EP opens with “Another Boy”, it has a sound that I feel like I haven’t heard before. It draws you into listening to the rest of the EP right there, instead of skipping through it. While it also closes with “Generation Deprivation,” another favorite of mine, it makes you want to get up and dance. I feel like just by listening to these five songs you can really feel a sense of Thomas’s every emotion. Love, hate, sadness, etc. There is truly a song for everyone. With only a few hundred monthly Spotify listeners, I feel Thomas’ music could be taking off soon with this EP. I feel like there is a song that anyone could relate to.

Whether you’ve had a bad relationship in the past or just feel alone sometimes, Thomas says something you will be able to understand personally. With each song not being more than 4 minutes at most, the EP is a quick listen that will make you want to go back and relisten again and again. “Thank you for the support you’ve given the project thus far, and for that which is yet to come,” says Thomas on his project. You can stream “Paradise” by Idiot on all streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.