Review on West Liberty’s student run “The 304 Podcast”

West Liberty’s student-run podcast, “The 304 Podcast” is a testament to the creativity and talent of the WLU student body. Michael Plesa, Chase Green, Dylan Moran, Josh Spratt and Max Fiedorczyck operate as the show’s hosts and editing crew with guest stars featuring on most episodes.

The show began fall 2020 and is currently in its second season and seventh episode with two extra sport-specific episodes in the “304 Sports” spin-off show. “There are two separate podcasts we produce,” said Fiedorczyck. “The first podcast “The 304 Podcast” covers any topic we can think of. There is honestly no topic we won’t cover. The second podcast is “304 Sports”, where we discuss everything in the sports world.” So far, the 304 team has covered a variety of topics including encounters with traffic court, high school throwbacks, travel fails, music, and the Super Bowl.

Each episode is 30 minutes to an hour long and makes the perfect companion when going to and from classes, making dinner or during some downtime. The light-hearted conversation and humorous anecdotes make the listener feel included and part of the group. The tone is upbeat, and the genuine connection between the hosts and guests is clear in every sentence makes listening all that more enjoyable.

WLU has a variety of media platforms with several groups in charge. “The 304 Podcast” is one of the latest editions. “What inspired us to do this podcast primarily was to bring something new to West Liberty, not seen before,” said Fiedorczyck. “We believe that a university focused podcast was an incredible idea to bring to life, so we did.” Podcasting has become one of the most influential types of new media in the last few years so diversifying WLU’s media portfolio has certainly benefited the university and all those involved in terms of exposure and experience. Bringing the podcast to life has been challenging but worth it. “The favorite part of our podcast as a whole is coming together and doing something we all enjoy and meeting new people along the process!” said Fiedorczyck.

“The 304 Podcast” is available on a variety of media platforms including iTunes and Spotify. You can also check out “The 304 Podcast’s” social media accounts with the handle @the304pod on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.