Which is better: Zoom classes or in-person classes?

With vaccines being released and a positive outlook, many students are excited to see if they will be able to attend in person classes next semester. On the other hand, many students may have adapted to the online world of learning. The question on the table is, will classes be able to be in-person in the Fall 2021 semester? While there isn’t anything set in stone for what next year’s college classes will look like, there is hope that things will be back to normal.

As a freshman in college, I haven’t been able to experience a full in-person schedule. Because of Covid, I feel like I am more used to online classes and would feel comfortable being online still, personally. On the other hand, my roommate, Emily Truex says that she may prefer in-person classes. “As an Education major, it would be beneficial to me to be able to take in-person classes,” Emily says, “I would like to be able to do my field hours and participate in-person.” As this may be different for many majors, everyone will have a different opinion about the changes that could possibly be taking place. As a Journalism major, I feel like I am able to achieve my goals and finish my courses online as much as in-person.

I believe that if campus goes back to majority in-person courses, the option to take Zoom classes should still be allowed. Many people without a vaccine and still worried about the spread of Covid may feel more comfortable being online until there are no cases. As nobody knows when this could be, while scheduling for next semester, it would be very beneficial for professors to include an online course for classes. While the pandemic is still happening and we have no straight-up answers about when it could be over, there are many different opinions towards attending in-person events still.

As scheduling is right around the corner on April 5th, many students are facing the question on what they would feel comfortable attending. I know that if I have the option to be completely online, I will take that opportunity. I feel as if I would feel more comfortable knowing my classes are online in case a spike in cases happens again, instead of not knowing what my classes will end up like. As I am hopeful that by next semester we will be in a normal place of living, it is still uncertain. Students need to begin thinking about their next step with classes. Hopefully this time next year we will be able to not wear a mask and be able to attend large events like classes again.

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