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 Studying foreign language put students into a global community

 Studying foreign language put students into a global community

Annalise Murphy

November 2, 2019

          Every college student needs to take a foreign language class, even if it isn’t required for them to graduate. Some think it’s pointless, others may not want to ‘waste’ their tuition money on something they think they’ll never use. It is not an area that people always see ...

“Cloak and Dagger,” “Pose” challenge current TV landscape

June 20, 2018

By Gabrielle Blanchard, Contributing Writer If there’s anything a television network loves, it’s to promote shows as being “must-watch” television, unique and different from anything else that you’ve ever seen before, and the idea that everyone is watching it, so you must watch it as well. It...

West Liberty embraces diversity, safe zone training 

March 25, 2017

By Maria Kimble, Contributing Writer   The West Liberty University community had the opportunity to learn about diversity through Safe Zone Training in late February. WLU Highlands Campus Manager Sara Sweeney organized training sessions to create a campus community that ensures everyone is treated with...

WLU Should Offer More Religious Organizations

April 17, 2015

By Rick Tyler, Contributing Writer West Liberty University strives to have a diverse and complex campus, but in some ways it stops short of perfect. While WLU offers a good number of clubs and organizations to become a part of, the campus’ religious side is sorely lacking. There aren’t many groups...

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