WLU criminal justice program adds Dr. Martin White to teaching staff


Dr. Martin White joined the Criminal Justice teaching staff during the 2020 fall semester. White joined the teaching staff at West Liberty after the university’s reputation among those in the field.
“West Liberty University is a respected institution among criminal justice professionals so it was easy for me to want to be associated with the university,” said White.

White received his Bachelor of science in Criminal Justice at Peru State College, located in Peru, NE., MA in Homeland Security from American Public University (Charles Town West Virginia), and his doctorate of Business Administration with a focus on homeland security from Northcentral University in Prescott, AZ.

Prior to West Liberty, White has had over 30 years of experience working in the police and security field which presented teaching opportunities. His first job was in one of the PA Police Academies while he was still a police officer saying, “I knew immediately I enjoyed teaching.” Another opportunity presented itself several years later when White taught a Homeland Security class at a local Community College in PA. Just a few short years after that, White was given another opportunity to teach a Criminal Justice class at Davis & Elkins College while he served as the Director of Public Safety. White has been teaching since 1998 intermittently during his academy years.

“I was convinced by then that I would one day transition my career to teaching full time,” said White.

During the 2020 fall semester, White taught Contemporary Law Enforcement, Corrections, Crime Scene Investigations, and Criminal Justice Ethics. For the 2021 spring semester, White will be teaching courses such as Race, Gender and Crime, Juvenile Justice, Homeland Security and a graduate course in White Collar Crime.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, White hasn’t had the opportunity to be involved in anything on campus. However, he is excited to become more familiar with clubs and other activities as the conditions allow.

White feels that his job working for International Security firm, which resulted in an abundance of traveling both domestically and internationally.

“I discovered very different folkways that made each location very unique, even domestically,” said White.

White then explained that the folkways in parts of Louisiana are quite different from the folkways in parts of Maine and the folkways in the U.S. are certainly different than the folkways in South Korea. A consistency White found was that people generally were rooted in the same beliefs and desires; the God of their understanding, good health, family security, and the ability to sustain a reasonable existence.

White would like to thank first and foremost the God of his salvation. He then said he could have never have achieved many of his accomplishments without the love and support of his wife of 36 years, Felice D. White and his two loving sons, Brett and James for being resilient through those formative years.

Welcome to the Criminal Justice program here at West Liberty, Dr. White!