Alumnus Kelsey Garvin joins nursing program as full-time instructor

WLU welcomed alumnus Kelsey Garvin to its teaching staff in the fall of 2020 as a full time instructor of nursing.

Garvin served as an adjunct for the nursing program at West Liberty from 2019 to 2020, and before her time on the hilltop she did some adjunct work for West Virginia Northern Community College (WVNCC).

Garvin obtained her bachelor of science in nursing from WLU in 2013 and from there attended Franciscan University where she received her master of science in nursing.

“I decided to teach at West Liberty because it is my alma mater. I wanted the nursing program here to be the best that it can be and I am excited to be a part of making it happen,” said Garvin.

She chose to become an educator of nursing not just because there is a high demand for nurses, but because she also has a love for teaching. According to Garvin, she first discovered this love for teaching when, “it came to teaching my patients in the hospital.”

Currently, Garvin is teaching courses such as nursing 202 (fundamentals of nursing) and nursing 203 (medical terminology) which are offered as sophomore prerequisites for the nursing program. She also teaches clinical rotations for NUR 324 and 436 to juniors and seniors in the nursing program.

Garvin is not actively involved in any clubs or activities on campus but hopes to get more involved once the world becomes a safer place to mingle.

“Being a new full time staff member is challenging, but as I grow more comfortable here, I get excited to partake in more responsibility and other ventures through the university,” said Garvin.
According to Garvin, working at West Liberty has taught her so much about the youth in the West Liberty area and the types of students that attend the university. She also feels that working with the faculty of the nursing program at West Liberty has taught her to trust herself and her abilities which have given her a greater sense of self confidence.

Welcome back to the Hilltop Professor Garvin!