WLU triple major 2020 graduate joins business office as an accountant

Students and faculty who visit the business office at West Liberty University may have noticed a new face. Ms. Kelly Millner has recently taken a position as an accountant.
Millner graduated from West Liberty University in May of 2020 as a triple major in accounting, management, and computer information science. While on campus she was also a member of the women’s soccer team for all four of her academic years.

During her senior year, Millner was an intern in the business office which later shifted into a full-time position in Aug. of 2020. In addition to working in the business office, Millner is also a volunteer coach for the women’s soccer team on campus.

“I decided to work here because I was familiar with my coworkers, my friends are still here, and I have made West Liberty home for the last 4 and ½ years. I decided to work here while I attain my master’s degree,” said Millner.

Currently, Millner is working to receive a double concentration MBA in forensic accounting and healthcare management. She is expected to graduate with her degrees in Dec. of this year.
Millner stated that it is rewarding to be able to assist students to understand their students’ account. She also feels that her position as an accountant has confirmed her belief that she will be able to make it in her career path.

“As a recent graduate it can be very intimidating to find a position in your field, but I was always welcomed here and all of my coworkers have been very accommodating,” said Millner.
Millner has set the goal for herself to learn as much as she can in her current position. She feels that this is a great experience for her to learn in her industry while she can also simultaneously receive her degree for her other degrees.

Good luck in obtaining future degrees and welcome to the Hilltop as a faculty member!