WLU students create individual podcasts for Professor Pfister’s class

Sean Whorton Spotlight

West Liberty University Professor Jeff Pfister teaches a podcasting course where students learn various skills to create their own podcasts. There are currently three podcasts uploaded onto the WGLZ Radio website where you can access and listen to their work. Two of the students, along with Pfister, explained the process of podcasting and an overview of the course (COM 362).

Pfister explained that students enrolled in the class will create three podcasts total throughout the semester. The first podcast being an artist spotlight, the second one is about student issues, and the third will be about historical perspectives through the eyes of several interviewees. Throughout the course, students will acquire production, interviewing, and advanced audio technology skills for professional podcasting.

Pfister also said that he likes to give students freedom on what they talk about within the given topic themes. After the podcasts are completed, Pfister said that students can submit them into national competitions; he recalled a student who won second place a few years ago. There are currently seven students taking the class. A prerequisite of a class called DMD 204 is required to take before enrolling for this class (COM 362). Students who are interested in audio technology and podcasting are encouraged to enroll into these courses.

The first theme of the semester focused on musical artists of the student’s choosing. Sean Whorton, a sophomore at WLU and broadcasting major, chose to talk about Kurt Cobain for his podcast. Whorton says, “I chose Kurt Cobain as my artist spotlight because I have admired him since I was young. I love Nirvana’s music, and my beliefs align with Kurt’s in regard to most issues.” He says that he wanted to take this class because he loves recording and loves being creative with his editing.

Whorton says, “I’ve learned a lot from this class like editing on Adobe Audition, as well as learning technical things like impedance and phasing when it comes to analog equipment.” He also says that he’d recommend this class to anyone with an interest in podcasting. “[The class] forces you to think about things on a creative and societal level, and it teaches a lot about every day technical equipment.”

Ian Phillips, another student in the class, shared his thoughts about the course. Phillips says, “I am very interested in doing podcast and audio work like this class covers which really makes me enjoy it.” He went on to say, “I am obtaining skills of writing scripts for my podcasts, conducting interviews, editing audio, and learning about audio.”

Phillips also said he would recommend this class to other students who might be interested. He says, “[The class] allows you as a student to take grasp of the whole assignment and put your own twist on it which I think is really cool because most courses aren’t like that.” For his artist spotlight, Phillips chose to talk about Dean Martin because of personal connection with the artist. “Dean Martin is from my hometown Steubenville, Ohio. He also went to the same high school as me, and I wanted to show my love for my town and his music,” Phillips explained.

If you’re interested in this class, reach out to Pfister for more information, and if you want to give a listen to these student’s podcasts, head over to the WGLZ radio website, click where it says “Passionately Vocal” then click “Spring 2021.”