Alumnus Andy Grindle writes about his teaching experience in his new book, Letters to a Future Teacher

West Liberty alumni Andy Grindle writes about his first two years as a middle school music teacher in his new book which will be available for purchase on May 1, 2021.

College students often wonder how their degree will prepare them for their future jobs. Alumnus Andy Grindle decided that in the summer of 2020 he wanted to write about his experiences as a public-school teacher over the last four years.
Grindle attended West Liberty University between the years of 2014 and 2017, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education in grades K through 12.

After earning his degree, Grindle moved to Florida where he began teaching middle school music. He chose to begin writing his first book to help first year teachers to emotionally prepare themselves for the realities of what it’s like to actually meet students and amplify their agency and voice.

Grindle’s primary inspiration for his book, “Letters to a Future Teacher,” came from his many days during his first two years as a teacher where he felt lost.
“There were days I felt isolated from the world because I was so focused on helping my students,” said Grindle.

Letters to a Future Teacher contains poetry and prose that are dedicated to any past, present and future teachers to reference their tough days in the classroom. Grindle added that this book is for, “the ones that may require just sitting in your car for 30 minutes before going inside and having a good cry, only to realize that they aren’t alone in this fight.”

Grindle’s book also contains letters written by a few of his mentors. These letters center around the theme of helping new teachers understand the importance of self-care and developing strong senses of empathy for themselves and others around them.

Currently, Grindle is working on writing a children’s book which is untitled at the moment and is geared more towards middle school students. His hope is that his current students will read his book with their parents and begin conversations of how both child and parent can communicate with each other in their challenging years.

“Letters to a Future Teacher” will be available for purchase on Grindle’s website, on May 1, 2021. Congratulations Andy Grindle on this inspirational achievement!