West Liberty takes part in Up to Us


Oyunbolor Battsogt

Up To Us pledge example

Up to Us is the only nationwide, campus-based campaign that is focused on the engagement and empowerment of students to build a sustainable economic and fiscal future. According to the Net Impact Chapter Leader, Oyunbolor Battsogt, “The purpose of Up to Us is to raise awareness of our country’s long-term fiscal challenges and how they could affect our economic future and to encourage students to make their voices heard on these critical issues.” Up to Us is partnered with three nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations: Net Impact, Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and Clinton Global Initiative University. Net Impact is a nonprofit organization for students and professionals interested in using business skills in support of various social and environmental causes. The Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s goal is to increase public awareness of the nature and insistence of key fiscal challenges that are threatening America’s future and to quicken action on them. The Clinton Global Initiative University has brought students together to create innovative solutions to issues since 2008.

West Liberty is taking part in this competition and are currently in second place out of forty nationwide colleges. Battsogt commented, “Winning this challenge means that it would provide national exposure to our university and would bring more opportunities to implement valuable programs into our campus.” Prizes range from monetary values of $1000 to $10000, admission to a virtual leadership event, an exclusive “Career Package,” and other items. The winners will be chosen around April 30, 2021. In order to help West Liberty University’s chapter, students can sign the Up to Us pledge. The pledge allows students to have a direct message to national politicians and representatives that states their opinion about the national debt. Battsogt added, “Each signature is a part of a collective effort to connect with U.S Representatives, Senators, and elected officials and create change for our fiscal future.”

West Liberty’s chapter has done several events in the past. Aside from promoting the pledge, there was an essay contest that took place earlier this semester. Students were asked to write an essay based on the topic of “If I were a policymaker, I would have done…to have sustainable fiscal outlook.” The chapter also had a raffle basket that they sold tickets for to raise awareness of their group. Most of their current and upcoming events are advertised around campus and on their Instagram, @uptous_westliberty.

More information can be accessed by emailing the author, Emma Beatty, at [email protected] or Oyunbolor Battsogt at [email protected]