Looking for work? The Hilltop could be just the place.

It’s that time again for summer jobs here at the Hilltop! Summer jobs are now open for applications, and there are many different options to choose from. A lot of the options here at West Liberty pay $8.75 an hour. These jobs give students different opportunities to grow their experience and learn how to work in a workplace. Many students live on campus, and these jobs are beneficial for these students because they do not have to travel back to their hometown or a neighboring city of West Liberty just to work.

Some of the jobs that are available for applications are Office Support for Campus Police, Office Support for Enrollment Center, and Peer Tutoring. The list expands past this, however, as there are many more job applications. There is something for almost everyone here on campus. I have known a few people who have been employed here at West Liberty. Angelica Rogers, a student here on campus, said, “Someone who is looking into working on campus, it is definitely worth the experience!” Angelica also mentioned that she loves the people she works with here. West Liberty provides a very safe and supportive atmosphere that anyone could work with. WLU’s Career Pages mentions, “West Liberty University is a supportive workplace that values education and work-life balances.”

If you or someone you know is looking into a Summer job, West Liberty is the place to pick one up some work. Working on campus is a wonderful way to stay connected. As this pandemic has held a lot of us back from being able to meet new people and partake in events, getting a job on campus is a wonderful way to meet new people safely. This is something that could get you a lot closer with your fellow students, staff and professors safely. Plus, you may be able to meet a lifelong friend through working at WLU! I would love to work on campus and have been considering it so I would have another opportunity to meet more people. This being my Freshman year, I have met all of my new friends from working with The Trumpet. I would advise everyone to try to get into something to make new friends and get wonderful experiences, and summer jobs are a great way to do so!

West Liberty University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes applications from all interested individuals. Individuals who need assistance with the application process may contact Sue Garrison, the Student Employment Coordinator, at [email protected]