Alumni Kelly Quigley joins financial aid staff

Students and staff in the financial aid office may have noticed a familiar face this year. Kelly Quigley returned to West Liberty University in the fall of 2020 as a financial aid counselor.

“I love working in financial aid and was excited WLU had an opening,” said Quigley.

This is currently Quigley’s fifth year working in the financial field. Her interest in working at her West Liberty roots came from her enjoyment during her time she studied on the campus. Quigley’s influence also came from current employees who had nothing but great comments about working for this history rich university.

“I was excited for the direction that WLU has been going in. There’s been a lot of expansion since my time as a student,” said Quigley.

Overall, she feels that the most rewarding aspect of her job is the joy of being able to help students and their families through their financial aid process. She feels that the financial aid process can be a little intimidating to students and family, which is why she enjoys reassuring their worries by helping them to navigate the financial aid aspect of college to make it more affordable.

“I’ve always known that I enjoy helping people and working as a part of a team, but this job definitely has reinforced that. Having such a great team to work with, not only in enrollment services but also in other areas around campus, makes it easy to love what I do,” said Quigley.

Currently, Quigley isn’t involved in any clubs or activities on campus as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her goal for the time being and during her time at WLU is to always continue learning and improving.