University updates sports spectator policy amid COVID-19 pandemic

It is that time of the year again, and as students begin to flood the likes of the Hilltop, many of them will undoubtedly partake in supporting WLU athletic teams.

This year, WLU is pleased to allow all fans back into the stands during sporting events, which has not always been allowed since the pandemic started.

Before fans, students and parents pack the stands, it is important to note that the University itself has recently released important COVID-19 fall sports spectator guidelines that students must abide by in order to minimize the spread and keep our campus safe. The goal is to allow for fans to watch and support the college athletic teams while also creating a safe environment for spectators.

When attending WLU football games, the university strongly encourages attendees to wear masks and socially distance themselves. Masking up and socially distancing is highly recommended regardless if you are vaccinated or not.

This year, tailgating of any kind before, during, or after the game is now prohibited. Regardless of whether or not it is inside or outside.

Due to the fact that football is an outdoor sport, wearing masks is optional for attendees. Indoor sports like Volleyball, masks are required once attendees step foot in indoor arenas.

In terms of men’s and women’s soccer, the spectator policies for COVID-19 are identical to that of football. The use of face coverings are recommended for those vaccinated and unvaccinated, but are not required, primarily due to the sporting event being held outdoors.

Policies begin to drastically shift for spectators regarding WLU indoor sporting events. All attendees must comply with university policy that requires face coverings to be worn at all times during the event. Indoor events will be taking place inside the West Liberty University Academic, Sports and Recreational Complex. These policies are in effect regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.

Along with face coverings, WLU also encourages social distancing as much as possible at the indoor events. Even though the campus of West Liberty has placed these restrictions does not mean that you should not go to support the sporting teams.
The university still encourages all Hilltopper fans alike to attend as many athletic events as possible, but attendees must also be aware of the ongoing battle against COVID-19 and follow the spectator policy. While we cheer on our Hilltoppers on the court or field, please remember to mask up, socially distance and follow university guidelines when applicable.