National Dog Day celebrated by featuring some of the dogs on campus

Juno on one of her walks around campus.

National Dog Day, which is celebrated on Aug. 26 each year, is a day to bring awareness to thankfulness that many share for dogs. Additionally, the day is meant to encourage people to adopt and rescue dogs.

West Liberty student, Nikki Thompson, feels that there are positives and negatives in owning a dog. Thompson says the upside is that you will always have a companion. The downside is that owning a dog is costly and requires lots of time. Still, Thompson says there is nothing like going home from a rough day to see her dog, Gabriel. Gabriel is a border collie mix who loves going for walks on campus. When Thomson comes home, she likes to cuddle up with Gabriel who is able to make everything feel better.

Alexandra Black, another West Liberty student, has a furry friend named Bandit. Brandit is a black and white dog who was rescued by Black from an unfortunate situation and a lifetime of sadness. She was going through a rough patch in her life, and one day saw an opportunity for change. Brandit was on Facebook Marketplace, and she begged her parents to have him. Ever since Black got her best friend, Bandit, he has changed her outlook on life. He makes her laugh and smile like no other. To treat Bandit on National Dog Day, Black gave him a doggy donut from Sheetz and a slice of pizza.

Another West Liberty student, Taylor Martie, says that her dog, Piper, is the first dog she has ever personally owned. Martie says that she got Piper when her family’s pet passed away. She was upset and needed a friend to comfort her. She begged her parents to let her get a dog to call her own. Her parents finally agreed, but she soon realized that she could not take Piper with her to college. So, her parents ended up keeping her dog at their home. Martie explains that she even goes as far as Facetiming her dog when she misses her. Piper is 11 years old and loves to take walks around her neighborhood. She sleeps in a comfy dog bed in Martie’s room, and her favorite treat is hotdogs; Piper gets one every day for a snack. Martie’s advice to new dog owners is to take their time making a decision, because the dog will be forever by their side.

Another West Liberty student, Emily Jones, says that when she is not cuddling with her dog, she is outside walking her around campus. Jones’s dog, Juno, loves meeting new people. Juno is the first dog that Jones has owned, saying she has “always grown up with large dogs, but they were family dogs.” Juno is finally a dog that Jones can call her own, as she rescued Juno on June 19. On National Dog Day, Juno was interviewed by What’s Up West Lib, and Jones gave her a special treat after the interview.

For any new dog owners, Jones suggests that you listen to what your dogs are trying to say. Jones says that dogs are always trying to communicate with their owners, and listening to them is essential, especially for training, because “every dog is unique.”

If you are wanting a dog or are curious about getting a dog, check your local shelter for more information. A dog may be a lot to take care of, but the joy they bring can surely outweigh that cost. And to those who already have a dog or multiple dogs, be sure to give them a hug today, so they know that you appreciate them.