Newly formed CM² Campus Ministry accepts students of all religious backgrounds

The outside of the Interfaith Chapel.

The Catholic and Protestant campus ministry come together to form CM², a program designed for students of any religion.

According to Diann Nickerson, the Protestant campus minister, “CM² is a new ecumenical endeavor on campus between both Catholic and Protestant campus ministry to serve the needs of the university by offering programming for people of all faiths and religious backgrounds. This will not preclude the individual services and programs already offered by each religious denomination.” Nickerson is new to WLU and strives to help students find and renew their faith.

Shirley Carter, the director of Catholic campus ministry, has joined Nickerson to create a program for all Christians regardless of denomination. Carter has been the director of Catholic campus ministry for fourteen years and is also the campus minister at Bethany College.

“CM² will be a collaboration between the two ministries to provide enhanced opportunities for students. Programming is not denominational driven but rather a gathering of those looking for opportunities to make connections between faith, learning and service,” Nickerson said.

Carter said that CM² can help students explore their own faith journey.

Nickerson and Carter plan to offer many programs under CM². Campus Ministry Mondays is a social gathering at the Thomas Aquinas Center every week from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. These gatherings will consist of playing games, watching movies, eating snacks and having spiritual discussions.

WLU campus ministry also created the Learn to Loom program. This service project teaches students to loom hats and scarves that will be donated to local organizations and shelters as the weather gets colder. This project will take place throughout the fall semester.

Students can listen to guest speakers while enjoying a free meal at the Lunch and Learn program. This program is open to all students and staff and will take place twice a month, at noon, in the Social Hall of the Interfaith Chapel.

WLU campus ministry will also offer a photography workshop. Nickerson said that the main goal of the photography workshop is to help students “de-stress, get back to nature, realize the importance of seeing beauty in all things and find a connection to the spiritual.” On Sept. 22, photographer Daniel Caron will give a sneak peek of the photography workshop and talk to students about learning to take photos that capture nature and spirituality. On Sept. 28 at 6 p.m., the photography workshop will take place in the Interfaith Chapel Social Hall. Following this workshop, there will be a photo contest in October with the theme “Where Do You See God on the Hilltop?” Students and staff will be asked to submit entries via email, and then judges will choose winners whose pictures will be hung in the Interfaith Chapel.

CM² will not affect the denominational services. Students can attend Catholic Mass on Sundays at 8 p.m. in the Aquinas Center, and students can attend a Protestant service on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the Interfaith Chapel followed by a bible study.

Students interested in getting involved in CM² should contact Shirley Carter at [email protected] or Diann Nickerson at [email protected]. Students can also visit the Thomas Aquinas Center or the Interfaith Chapel to learn more about CM² and follow wlucampusministry or ccmatwlu on Instagram to stay up to date on WLU campus ministry.