Meet WLU’s New Dean of Business


WLU Media Relations

Dr. Ann Saurbier

Dr. Ann Saurbier is West Liberty University’s new dean of business, and she has described her experience so far as nothing less than amazing.

Saurbier is a mother of two college aged sons. She describes herself as very family oriented, as well as outgoing and personable. Saurbier also says she is curious and hungry to learn which is apparent by her plethora of higher education.

Before coming to West Liberty University, Saurbier had been working at Walsh College, an institution primarily focused on non-traditional adult students. This means that most of the students were working full-time and attending classes at night. Saurbier has always wanted to work at a traditional institution, and when she started looking, she was really drawn to WLU.

Previously, she has only lived outside of Michigan to get her undergraduate degree from Miami University in Ohio. Her undergraduate degree is in accounting. Her goal with that degree was to become part of an organization rather than being a certified public accountant.

After attending Miami University, Saurbier attained her masters and doctorate from Walsh University in Michigan. Her masters is in management, and it was there that she discovered her passion for education. Right after graduating, she started teaching management and obtained her doctorate in management.

Saurbier hopes to bring the College of Business even further beyond its current success. She wants to continue growing the college, as well as develop new business clubs and organizations. Saurbier is already impressed with the staff and professors of West Liberty’s College of Business. She said that she can really sense the community the college has built over the years.

As for these new organizations in the College of Business, Saurbier is open to suggestions and would love to discuss any ideas someone might have. One idea that has been presented to her already is to use the restaurant space for a student lead business. She is also looking to try and develop new partnerships as well as deeper roots in the community of the College of Business and throughout the rest of West Liberty University.

Saurbier wants students to know that the MBA program is great for those who want to experience a little bit of everything. This program is meant for students who have an undergraduate degree and want to add onto their knowledge. Saurbier also stressed that the MBA program is not just for business majors. The program is a great pathway that gives students the business knowledge that will give them the edge when applying for positions.

Saubier’s biggest piece of advice for students is to just be present in class both mentally and physically.

That being said, whether you are a student of hers or not, be sure to give Saurbier a warm West Liberty welcome when you see her.