WLU’s Dance Team returns just in time for Homecoming

Brooke Anderson promoting the new dance team at the Club and Organization Fair.

West Liberty University (WLU) has a new dance team, and they plan to perform during Homecoming festivities this fall. They will be performing in the Homecoming parade and on the quad after the parade. Brooke Anderson, the captain of the dance team, says that she is also seeing if the team can perform after the third quarter of the Homecoming game.

Anderson says that she is excited about the Homecoming performances since it will be the first time that students see them perform. “A lot of students probably don’t even realize that we exist yet. The homecoming parade will be the first time that we’ll be seen,” Anderson said.

WLU had a dance team in the past, but the number of dancers dwindled over the years, especially when COVID-19 hit. Anderson says that this is the dance team’s “comeback season.” The dance team currently has 14 members, and all students are welcome to join. Anderson says that she wants to welcome students of any gender, age, ethnicity and experience level to join the dance team. “If you enjoy dance, you’re welcome there,” Anderson said. She says she wants to create a place where students who have no dance experience can perform side-by-side with students who have been dancing competitively for 12 or more years.

Anderson is also in charge of the choreography. The dance team mostly performs hip hop, jazz and pom routines, what Anderson calls “the crowd-pleasers.”

Besides Homecoming, the dance team will also be performing at basketball games during the halftime show. Anderson says that the team has no set plans for other performances, but she hopes that the dance team will receive more funding so that they can plan for more performances.

“I love my team, and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be their captain,” Anderson said.
Students can come to dance practices without being a part of the performance team. During a typical practice, the team stretches, practices individual dance moves and then goes over the choreography of the routine that they are learning. Anderson says that students are welcome to watch rehearsals, participate in only part of the practice or come and go during practice. She wants the students to have fun without feeling pressured to perform in front of people. Practices are at different times and days throughout the week, so all students have the opportunity to attend some practices regardless of their schedule.

If you want to see the dance team’s performance, go to the homecoming parade. If you are interested in joining the dance team or attending any practices, contact Anderson by emailing [email protected]. Anderson will add you to the GroupMe chat to inform you of the practice schedule.