The Hilltop Celebrates International Pronoun Day

Student Yahneshly Chaqueco at the International Pronoun Day table in the union displaying infographics and handing out pronoun stickers and brochures.

On Oct. 20, 2021, West Liberty University’s (WLU) Campus and Community Diversity Committee celebrated International Pronoun Day by setting up a table in the ballroom of the Student Union with various infographics and educational brochures as well as offering students free pronoun stickers. As stated in one piece of the committee’s promotional material, the event was held to encourage individuals to use someone’s correct name and pronouns. It said that when students, friends, staff, or classmates address someone correctly, they are affirming that individual’s humanity, and as professors, a tone of tolerance, civility, and respect can be set not only within the classroom, but on the Hilltop as a whole.

While the majority of us have grown up in a binary centric world, it’s deeply important to recognize that there are individuals who’s identity exists outside of the sex they may have been assigned at their birth; no matter what gender you may perceive them as at first glance, it never hurts to ask someone what their name and pronouns are so that you may show them the respect they deserve within and outside of daily conversation.

With pronouns ranging from he/him, they/them, she/her, ze/hir, and sie, and many other combinations and personal preferences, we as a campus can listen to each other’s wishes and heed the advice from our Diversity Committee in always remembering to “Ask, Respect, and Practice.”