WLU students create pumpkin art before the Halloween weekend

A surprised looking pumpkin.

West Liberty proved that a pumpkin can be used as a canvas. On Wednesday, Oct. 27, West Liberty’s Center for Arts and Education held a pumpkin painting event on campus.

During this event, students could make paintings on pumpkins using various materials provided by the Arts and Education Center. Director Lou Karas, along with her graduate assistants, conducted the event. Karas mentioned this is the first time she collaborated with Kate Billings, director of student activities, to make this event a success.

“We have been working with Kate Billings and the Student Activities office to offer activities for our students with us being back on campus. I think it is important for us to do some things that are fun, and as a community we weren’t able to do anything for Halloween last year, so we thought it would be nice to do something like this.”

Karas also stated that Billings purchased all the pumpkins students could use. There were roughly over 20 pumpkins. Considering the supply was limited, Karas gave pumpkins on a first come first serve basis. Also, the pumpkin sizes were relatively small, none of them were too heavy or too big to carry.

Some of the art materials students could use ranged from paint, paint brushes and sharpie markers. They could also use toothpicks, crayons, paper, glue and tape. Whatever a student needed, Karas provided it.

Many of the students’ paintings were Halloween centric. For example, two pumpkins had ghosts painted on them. One pumpkin was rainbow colored with a big ghost painted in the center, while the other had multiple small ghosts painted around it.

Students Grace Henley and Savannah Moorehead explained that they do a lot of activities together. Both carved pumpkins together prior to this event. Pumpkin painting was just another activity for them to bond over.

“I love Halloween. Any time that West Liberty does something Halloweeny, I immediately want to come,” said Henley.

“This is just another fun thing to get out of the dorm and get away from studying for a little bit and do something fun with friends,” said Moorehead.

The overall turnout for pumpkin painting was a success. Karas was pleased with the results. By the end of the event only a few pumpkins were left over. The students that attended created unique and fun designs on their pumpkins. Now these students have something to put outside their rooms to show that they are in the halloween spirit.