Rebecca Bowman, Sodexo Retail Manager, looks to revamp operations on campus

Rebecca Bowman, who often goes by Becky, has been working with Sodexo for 17 years now and truly enjoys her job. Her position as Retail Manager includes various responsibilities and allows her insight into what the future of Sodexo services at West Liberty University will possibly look like.

The responsibilities that she holds revolve around the total operations of the four Sodexo locations within the College Union. The four locations being Jazzman’s, WOW Cafe, Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe and Bear Necessities. Through overseeing these operations, she works with personnel functions, planning the menus, dealing with pricing, levels of inventory that are available, various equipment, marketing and training the staff. In addition to these responsibilities within the College Union, she is responsible for the home football games concessions stand and snack vending machines around campus.

She works as part of a four-person management team for Sodexo. While she is present in the Union, there is also the General Manager Doug Orr, the Marketplace and Dining Manager Necol Dunson, and the Executive Chief Brian Saner.

There have been changes that the Sodexo team has been negotiating for, in operations and renovations, since before the pandemic started. Bowman stated, “I do hope we can see major change this summer but only time will tell. In retail, we have to change things up frequently with LTO’s (limited time only) and Promo’s.” She explains that any sort of major changes need to be done prior to the start of the academic year. This is so service is not disrupted during the semester.

When asked what goals she has for Sodexo and her position she stated, “I do hope to continue with Sodexo on the WLU campus. I want to grow and revamp our operations as we move into the future.”

Although she acknowledges that there can be hard days, as there is with any job, she looks forward to going to work and enjoys the atmosphere provided through the staff and students.