The Squid Games come to WLU


Samantha Snyder

Topper the bear with the Squid Games girl behind him.

The Squid Games come to West Liberty University (WLU) on Nov. 17 from 3 p.m. to 4p.m. in the Alumni room in the Student Union.

The Squid Games event is part of International Education Month. It is going to be put on by professor Moonjung Kang.

Professor Kang says that the Squid Games are popular among many students, and it would be a good way to bring together students who are interested in learning about other cultures.

“I encourage students to come to experience something different, and it will be fun,” said professor Kang.

The Squid Games theme comes from the sensationalized Korean thriller TV show. The show remains on the top ten most watched in the U.S. list on Netflix. Professor Kang says that this popular theme should attract students.

This event is meant to incorporate Korean culture into International Education Month at West Liberty.