2021 senior art exhibition opens in the Nutting Gallery

The Fall 2021 Senior Exhibition opening was held in West Liberty’s Nutting Gallery on Nov. 17 and lasts until Dec. 9. Seniors attending included Lauren Anderson, Jub Delbrugge, Michelle Eisen, Abbie Henry, Karleigh Kowcheck, Olivia Negley, Jacob Pierce and Tyler Smith. Samantha Snyder, which was added to the list, could not attend at the last minute.

Some student’s who brought their senior project to the Nutting Gallery were selling stickers for $1 and others sold their products at higher prices. The students’ projects were all unique.

One student was selling a sun care product named Shui. They had their lotions on display and cards explaining that it protects the sea and the skin. It is made with sea moss, which has many health benefits. It helps people with Parkinson’s disease, various skin conditions, and blood circulation problems.

There was also a large poster featured on the left side of the room saying Smile Corporation. There were cards explaining that the group has custom designs made each month for one prize winner. To enter to win, one just needs to write down what makes them happy along with their email and place the card in the box.

Next semester, there will be four exhibitions in the Nutting Gallery. They will have the “Nature,” 2022 Faculty Exhibition on Jan. 19 through Feb. 16, Doug Eberhardt, “Prints, zines and drawings from the Void” on Feb. 23 through March 9, “What’s Next in West Virginia, an Exhibition of Tamarack Fellows”on March 16 through April 13, and the spring 2022 senior Exhibition on April 20 through May 4.

The Nutting Gallery is located in the Fine Arts building with regular hours Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. If you have a question about the Nutting gallery, or if you want to exhibit something, email Professor Brian Fencl at [email protected]. To see artist interviews and past exhibitions, please visit topperstation.com.