Newly launched literary journal for students: Submission now open


West Liberty University has a new opportunity for students interested in expressing their skills in the Creative and Liberal Arts Department. This new avenue for content creation is a literary journal known as Threshold.

Formerly known as Ampersand, Threshold is a student-run journal looking to publish art and literature works of other West Liberty students. Students may submit content such as creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry or artwork.

Each category has a certain criteria for submissions. For fiction and nonfiction pieces, students can present up to two submissions, each being 4000 words or less. The poetry category allows up to four poems, which in turn is the number of submissions allowed for artwork.

In addition to the requirements, each submission should include a cover page with a student’s name and email address. Also, the submissions must be in a text format such as Microsoft Word or Rich Text. PDF or Google Doc links will not be accepted. Fiction and creative nonfiction submissions should be properly double spaced with an appropriate readable font such as Perpetua, Times New Roman or Calibri. Poetry pieces need to be single spaced as well as double spaced between each stanza.

The 2021-22 Threshold team is overseen by Scott Hanna, associate professor of English at WLU. Other students on the team include Alexis Walton, editor-in-chief, Samantha Eimer, the assistant editor, Ismail Amara, poetry editor, Jessica Dobbins, lead copy editor, Madison Cavicchia, copy editor and submission manager and Anna Griffith, public relations chair.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday Feb. 20 at midnight. Students can email their work to [email protected]. Every student that turns in work will receive a notification email by Monday, March 14. The first initial launch of Threshold will take place sometime in mid April. Students can refer to the Threshold email, [email protected], if they have any further questions. Students may also visit the Threshold website for more information on how to submit their literary and artistic work.