Research Creative Activity Performance Competition

West Liberty University’s (WLU) RECAP competition has made a comeback this year. WLU students interested in RECAP can submit work in categories of research papers, creative writing, poster, presentation, creative work and performance. All entries to the competition must be submitted by March 4 at 11:55 pm to the RECAP portal.

When asked about the main purpose behind holding RECAP, Dr. Danielle Mehlman-Brightwell, assistant professor of communication, said “It’s a good way for students to get involved in research and creative activity in their undergraduate and graduate years.”

RECAP will be held virtually this year, so all submissions must be submitted under certain criteria designated to the category they choose. According to the RECAP committee, “Research papers and posters require an abstract and full paper, completed study, and/or research at the time of submission. Oral research presentations are required to have an abstract and recorded research presentation at the time of submission.”

The awards ceremony will take place in-person on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at 3:00 p.m. in College Hall with a remote option available.

Here is RECAPS full committee: Dr. Danielle Mehlman-Brightwell (co-chair), Dr. Robert Kreisberg (co-chair), Dr. Gayle Jesse, Dr. Melinda Kreisberg, Dr. Raymond Holsapple, Dr. Drew Banghart, Dr. Jason Metz, and Dr. Ronald Hulewicz.

The big difference between RECAP and MADFEST is the amount of research that goes into the submissions for RECAP. Dr. Mehlman-Brightwell discussed some of the main criteria in the oral presentations she coordinates and judges by stating, “Do they have a solid research question? Do they answer their research question? Do they have their methodology in ways they went about proving or disapproving their hypotheses?”

For more information about what MADFest and RECAP have to offer, visit West Liberty’s website.