Dr. Dempsey expresses the importance of students and integrity

Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager

On Sept. 29 and 30, West Liberty University presidential finalist Dr. Ron Dempsey toured the campus and took time to meet and discuss with faculty, staff, and students during his visit.

Dempsey currently resides in Acworth, Ga., and has served as the vice president of University Advancement at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Ga. Since 2005. His goals for WLU are to put the students first and let their voices be heard.

“Students are the reason that we are here, and they are the top priority,” Dempsey said. “The reason that I am attracted to West Liberty is the size of the institution. I want to be able to interact with students.”

During his meeting with the students, Dempsey reiterated several times that he appreciates and values the closeness of the university. He has met with some alumni and faculty members, and he thinks that the loyalty here is impressive.

“The other thing that attracted me, initially, is what I saw as a fusion between liberal arts and professional preparation,” Dempsey said. “I think that fusion is a very important part of the future of our education. An element of the ideal campus culture is for learning to always be taking place in a comfortable environment.”

As for his initial priorities for WLU, Dempsey does not hope to be alone during the process if he becomes president. He believes that the university must decide what its priorities are, and then the campus community should be involved in the process.

Dempsey also commented on the importance of the clubs and organizations for the student body as well as Greek life. He was a fraternity member, and he believes that involvement in different organizations “allows expression and enhances the institution.”

Adding to his views on the importance of student involvement and interaction, Dempsey said that he is a “firm believer in town hall meetings. I will look forward to working with the student government, and it’s a great way to get things out there.”

In terms of leadership, Dempsey is a firm believer in integrity.

“My leadership style is that of dealing with the people and leading by example, but, to me, the basis of all leadership is integrity,” Dempsey said. “And to me, integrity is truthfulness. If I lose that, then I have lost my ability to lead.”

“This university has a need for the president to be seen and connect with students better,” Dempsey said. “They need to inform the campus about what is happening and maintain good communication.”

Dr. Ron Dempsey is the last of the four finalists to visit WLU and its campus community. The other three candidates are Dr. Stephen Greiner, Dr. Keely Camden, and Dr. Cheryl Torsney. The final selection is expected to take place in mid-October with the presidency officially commencing on Jan. 1, 2016.

Stay tuned and informed as the presidential search comes to a close by visiting here for more information on each candidate and the upcoming selection as well as reading the Trumpet.