Second annual Easter egg hunt takes places on the Quad


The flyer that was used to advertise the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt that took place on campus on April 13, provided by Mason Werner, program coordinator for WLU Graduate Studies.

West Liberty University hosted its second annual Easter egg hunt. The event took place on the Hoge Quadrangle (Quad) from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The event was sponsored by WLU Graduate Studies, Generations Restaurant and Pub, and WLU Student Activities. There were 100 Easter eggs that were hidden for the students who participated to find. Students were permitted to only find one egg.

The eggs were hidden in a variety of different spots like in trees, in bushes, and along the outskirts of buildings on the WLU Quad. All of the eggs were hidden by 9 a.m. Candy and an egg prize ticket were placed inside each of the eggs.

WLU students were able to cash in the tickets that they found inside the eggs at the office of graduate studies from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. The office of graduate studies is located on the second floor of Shotwell Hall on campus.

Mason Werner West Liberty University’s Graduate Program Coordinator said, “Students needed to make sure that they had their student ID card to cash in their egg ticket for a gift. Students had the chance to win very cool prizes and gain awareness of the graduate programs the WLU Grad Studies has to offer.”

The tickets that students will receive during the Easter egg hunt can be exchanged for different prizes such as electronics, gift cards, WLU gear, an Apple watch, and many more things.

Werner also said, “Last year we had over 100 students who participated in last year’s Easter egg hunt. So, I would say that the Easter egg hunt last year was very successful. Students were interactive and over 50 prizes were given away.”

West Liberty University’s Director of Student Activities Kate Billings said, “Both last year and this year the Office of Student Life supported the program through prizes we gave to the Office of Graduate Studies and we also helped spread the word about the event!”

Billings also said that when the event was held last year, it was super fun to see everyone both graduate and undergraduate students, getting excited and having fun. Students definitely had fun with the event last year since they did not know what type of prize they would have a chance of winning. During the Easter egg hunt last year, the eggs were scattered all around the quad and the university’s buildings.

Billing also said, “Mason Werner did a great job organizing the Easter egg hunt this year. His goal was to bring attention and promotion to graduate programs that we offer here at WLU. Students had to pick up their prize in Shotwell Hall, where the office of graduate studies is located, so it was able to open up a dialogue with students who maybe had never been to their space or considered going to graduate school here!”

On the website, for WLU graduate programs it states, “Graduate degree programs at West Liberty University emphasize the student experience of caring, quality, affordable, total college experience. Our program areas include Business, Education, Leadership, Criminology, Biology, and Health Science” For more information on West Liberty University’s graduate programs, you can learn more by going to their website.