Hilltopper Softball goes 1-4 versus Glenville, Davis & Elkins and Wesleyan

The West Liberty University softball team continued their season this week, as the group currently sits at 22-16-1. Following their massive 10-game win streak stemming over the course of three weeks from March 7 to March 21, the Lady Hilltoppers have been finding difficulty generating another lengthy win streak as of late. West Liberty opened the month of April with a doubleheader against Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Md. The team started off very strong, winning the first game 7-3, but could not ultimately secure the sweep, losing the second game 5-2. The very next day, the team traveled to Fairmont, W.Va., to duel against Fairmont State University. At Fairmont, the Hilltoppers were able to secure both victories in the doubleheader, winning both games by the final score of 5-2.

The Hilltoppers continued that success with a series sweep against Concord, winning both games by the final scores of 3-0 and 7-6. However, as it currently stands, that was the last pair of back-to-back wins the team secured in over a week. Following the four game streak, West Liberty lost a rather winnable game against a weakened Glenville State team by the final score of 2-0. With being unable to redeem themselves in the second game due to the weather postponement, the team set their sights on an important two game matchup against Davis and Elkins in Elkins, W.Va.

The Hilltoppers fell to Davis and Elkins in the first game by the final of 8-3, but were able to steal a game in the series, winning the second game by a 7-3 final score. Unfortunately for the Toppers following this series, they were unable to secure a victory against West Virginia Wesleyan College. In a series with the potential for major regional implications, the Bobcats were able to sweep the Hilltoppers, winning the first game by a final score of 7-1, and the second game by the final of 4-3.

With time ticking for the Hilltoppers, they will have to string together a very impressive streak during their final six series. Within these series, the Hilltoppers will face Wheeling in two doubleheaders, Fairmont State, Frostburg State, Alderson Broaddus, and Notre Dame (Ohio). It will be exciting to watch the Hilltoppers during this final stretch, with many of their biggest fans supporting them along the way. For more information about West Liberty Softball, visit hilltoppersports.com.