Topper idol: results!


   After four weeks of intense competition, Topper Idol has come to an end, and we have a winner! Topper Idol is a singing competition inspired by the reality Television show “American Idol.” The event is held annually in the Union Ballroom every Tuesday in February.

    Each week, contestants were given a themed category to choose a song from, and the week after they had the chance to perform the song for selected judges and the student audience. After all contestants performed, the judges and students voted on who they thought sang the best and determined who moved on to perform again the next week.

    Wrapping up the fourth and final week of Topper Idol, there was no theme, giving the contestants the freedom to sing any song of their choosing.  Feb. 28, was the last and final round of this year’s competition. The songs performed were “The Saints High”, “Love Like This” and” Knight and Shining Armor”. After all performances took place and votes were in, judges were finally able to crown the winner of Topper Idol.

    The places awarded were Emily Jones in third place, Emily Rudy in second place and Tiffany Sites in first place, making Sites the winner of Topper Idol! All three winners received a goodie bag containing WLU socks, a WLU water jug, a WLU car magnet, a coupon for a free meal at Taco Bell and a coupon for two free appetizers from Primanti Bros. Additionally, first place received a scholarship of $1,000.

    Topper Idol will return next year! To participate, contact Sarah Brannon for more information on how to sign up next Spring. Topper Idol will start back up Tuesday, Feb. 6 2024, with times and prizes to be determined. Share your talents and become the next Topper Idol!