WLU Foundation; Topper Day of Giving


 With the end of the Spring ’23 semester approaching quickly, the seventh annual Topper Day of Giving is coming up on April 5, hosted by the West Liberty University Foundation. Topper Day of Giving is an event where various organizations on campus try to earn donations to help support their organization. All donations are used to enhance educational endeavors, expand scholarship opportunities, and increase programming efforts.

This year, the Greek Life organizations on campus have teamed up with West Liberty University Foundation to conduct a micro-campaign. “With 12% of WLU students being a part of Greek Letter organizations, WLU’s Greek Life chapters raise over $18,000 annually for various philanthropic entities while also volunteering their time in the community.” Their mission is “To enhance Greek Life at West Liberty University through assistance in educational opportunities, an increase in scholarship dollars, and expansion among programming efforts.”

Along with the campaign, all Greek Life organizations are having their own competition to see which chapter receives the most gifts for their organization. The chapter that receives the most gifts will be rewarded with a matching gift of $1,000. The total goal for this year is $3,000.

Aside from Greek Life, there are other organizations participating in the Topper Day of Giving, such as Graduate Studies, Biology, Art Therapy, Football and many more. The full list of all campaigns along with the matching donors are available on the WLU Foundation website.

Anyone interested in early donations can donate as early as today. It’s easy and secure to donate at https://wlufoundation.org/dayofgiving/ – be sure to include the specific organization to donate to in the “special requests” line.