Study tips for Spring ’23 finals


As the spring semester comes to an end, we are approaching that time of the year again, finals week! Finals will be taking place between May 1 – May 5. While finals week is one of the most stressful times of the academic year, there are some effective tips to help manage your work and minimize procrastination.

Tip 1:

Preparing a study spot. Having a place where you can focus and be quiet when studying will improve how well you retain the material. For some, having a clean and designated area for studying helps with motivation as well.

Tip 2:

An important place to begin with is how long you study for. Studies show that when you divide your study sessions into multiple 30 minute sessions rather than one 5 hour long study session, you are more likely to remember the information that you are studying.

Tip 3:

Another important factor is prioritization of the information you find most difficult to remember. Many people like to stick with what’s easy for them to start out with, but it is important to grasp the difficult pieces first. This way, you are utilizing your time and spending most of your time on the information you aren’t familiar with.

Tip 4:

Take breaks. This tip may sound counter-productive, but it is important to not overwork yourself when trying to retain as much information as possible. Breaks will help give you a mental reset and reduce stress while studying. Taking breaks can also improve motivation for studying.

Tip 5:

Lastly, make sure to find what works for you. If finding a study guide you can listen to will help you retain the information, search for videos or audio books. If games help, search for tools online to create a game with your notes or study cards. It is extremely important that the way you are studying is effective to the way you learn.

With these tips, remember to take care of yourself! Finals can be stressful, but it is important to remember that you come first. Goodluck Hilltoppers.