Hilltopper Happenings! (November 3rd)

By Gabriella Pozell, Staff Writer

Take a study break! Check out some of these exciting things happening on the Hilltop over the next few weeks.

If you are ACADEMICally-minded …

Math Labs (LSDC; Mondays-Fridays 6-8 pm)
Writing Labs (LSDC; Mondays and Thursdays 4-6 pm; Tuesdays 11 am-12 pm)

Pre-Registration for Spring and Summer Terms
• Sophomores (11/5)
• Freshmen (11/11)

For the ARTsy types…

Nutting Gallery: Crayfish Invitational (10/28-11/19)
• West Virginia Theater Festival (11/5-11/7)
• WLU Percussion Ensemble Concert (College Hall; 11/19/2015; 7:30pm)
• WLU College Community Choir presents Handel’s Messiah (Vance Presbyterian Church, Wheeling; 11/21; 7pm)
Concert Series: David Leonhardt Jazz Trio (College Hall; 11/23; 8pm)

If you want to learn about the WORLD…

International Education Month

• “Growing up in South Africa” presented by Professor Theunis van Ardt (Alumni Room; 11/3; 3-3:50 pm)
• International Tea Time (College Ballroom; 11/3; 3-6 pm)
• “China, An American’s Perspective” presented by Josh Taylor (Boyle Room in ASRC; 11/4; 12-12:50 pm)
• “Impressions and Q&A: Our Study Abroad Trip to Wuerzburg, Germany” presented by Professor Miriam Roth Douglas and students (Alumni Room; 11/4; 1-1:50 pm)
• “Pakistan” presented by Laraib Abdul Rehman , Saddam Hussain, Saleem Syed, Qundeel Rubbani, and Syed Qasim (Alumni Room; 11/4; 2-2:50 pm)
• “Japanese Crafts” with Mimi Albion (Alumni Room; 11/5; 2:30- 3:20 pm)
• International Music Night (Alumni Room; 11/5; 8-10 pm)
• “Architecture of Shaoxing, China” presented by Jin Zhang (Alumni Room; 11/6; 1-1:50 pm)
• “Turkmenistan: Traditions and Superstitions” presented by Natalya Muhametzyanova (Alumni Room; 11/9; 11:30 am-12:20 pm)
• “Tunisia” presented by Hamza Guizani and Firas Jerbi (Alumni Room; 11/9; 2:30-3:20 pm)
• “Science at the Bottom of the World: Research Experience in Antarctica” presented by Professor Jeremiah Dann (Alumni Room; 11/9; 3:30-4:20 pm)
• “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in the Heart of Asia- Taiwan: Culture, Cuisine, and Connection” presented by Professor Li-Wei Peng (Alumni Room; 11/12; 1-1:50 pm)
• “Printmaking in Poland” presented by Courtney Moore, Darius Lusk, and Drew Gonchoff (Alumni Room; 11/12; 2-2:50 pm)
• “Welcome to Albania” presented by Hygens Joka (Alumni Room; 11/12; 3-3:50 pm)
• “Germany— Land of Fairy Tales, Romantic Reads, and Much More” presented by Professor Miriam Roth Douglas (Alumni Room; 11/13; 12-12:50 pm)
• “Life and Culture in Finland and Beyond” presented by Professor Anna Stephen-Robinson (Alumni Room; 11/16; 3-3:50 pm)
• “Three Things that Americans Don’t Understand about Russians” presented by Professor Natalia Omelchenko (Alumni Room; 11/17; 1-1:50 pm)
• “West Liberty in France” presented by Paige Creamer and Sarah Wagstaff (Alumni Room; 11/18; 4-4:50 pm)
• “Geography of China: Summer 2016 Study Abroad” presented by Professor Aron Massey (Alumni Room; 11/19; 2-2:50 pm)
• “African Jam Session with David” presented by David Tangamo (Alumni Room; 11/19; 3-3:50 pm)
• “Expand Your Horizons— Host an International Exchange Student” (Alumni Room; 11/19; 4-4:50 pm)
• International Game Night (College Ballroom; 11/19; 7-9 pm)
• “Congo” presented by Sarah Suana (Alumni Room; 11/20; 12-1 pm)

If you are a SOCIAL butterfly…

• LAN Party Fundraiser (Krise Hall; 11/13; 8-9 pm)

If you like SPORTS…

• Late-Night Lift (Wellness Center; 9/15; 10 pm)
• Blatnik Open Gym (Mondays 5:30-7:30 pm, Tuesdays 3-6 pm, and Thursdays 7-10 pm)
Football vs Glenville State College (11/5; 7 pm)
Wrestling vs Waynesburg University (11/12, 7pm)
Women’s Volleyball vs University of Charleston (11/13, 7pm)
• Women’s Volleyball vs West Virginia State University (11/14, 11am)
• Women’s Basketball vs Mercyhurst University (11/14, 4pm)
Men’s Basketball vs Salem International University (12/1, 7:30pm)

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