WLU’s improvements

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

Within the last year there have been many changes amongst our campus. Some are massive, while others are so simplistic that they go unnoticed. If you are attending a class near the football stadium, library, or the student union you will see a lot of improvements that were needed.

The improvements made within our stadium cost millions of dollars and the price tag shows when you walk onto the field. The new Mondo turf is a million times better than the previous turf. The stadium has a new bathroom, concession stands, and new seating. The press box was finished just in time for the first game which many of us were frantic about. Even though no one knew when the press box would be finished, Savage Construction Company came through and made it more than just presentable for our first game of the season.

The library also has had a number of new developments that are not only efficient, but are extremely cool. Elbin library has ordered tables that double as white boards so it will be that much easier to write down notes and important information. Cooling mats for laptops have also been ordered to prevent laptops from overheating. Many changes have been made so that students can received faster and a more efficient internet connection which was well over due.

Many sidewalks have been refurbished as well. Considering how often we are all running to class and are looking at our phones as we walk, this was an improvement that will prevent many of us from tripping while we run from class to class. The right side of the College Union now has wheel chair accessibility which is fantastic.

Another small change, but vastly appreciated is the Elbin library bathroom located in the basement. Instead of providing the ladies restroom with many small stalls, it is now a wheelchair accessible restroom with one large stall and three or four small stalls. It is nice to know that our institution is making improvements that benefit everyone on campus and that they really do listen to the student body.

All of these improvements did not take a decade or twenty years. The majority of them were completed in one year or less. All of those that were responsible for these improvements deserve a thank you because they do not go unnoticed. If you would like to voice a concern that you believe has not been met, then you can attend an SGA meeting located in the College Union or speak with the SGA President Evan Newman.