‘Deadpool’ is a must-see, fresh take on superhero films

By Carlito Gilchrist, Contributing Writer

I’m not 100% sure if people know about a little film that came out recently called Deadpool, and I’m not 100% sure if those who have heard of it are on the fence of seeing it or not. Well, if you aren’t planning on seeing this highly recommended brawling, slicing, frolicking, head banger of a popcorn munching movie, then you need a sign that says “I’m boring,” so the rest of everyone knows who you really are in the black void that would be your soul.

I’m not going to review this movie with the intention of showing off my deep passion for filmmaking so to whoever reads this can be enticed to use my thoughts and ideas and pass it off to their friends so they think they actually learned something. If you already took your ‘buddy ol’pal’ or your significant other to ride the ride and be thrilled by the thrill that this movie is, then to you good sir or ma’am, I give two thumbs and two big toes way up!

The reason everyone should go see Deadpool isn’t because the media tells you too, or that Ryan Reynolds is a hunk (although not for very long in the film); you should go because this film, with all it has going for it, should have never been made. Yet somehow there is a Deadpool movie about Deadpool called Deadpool.

The first attempt to bring the merc to the silver screen was in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now, if you haven’t seen this film, then you’re better off not wasting your precious time to do so. Not only was that film a disappointment for Wolverine fans, but Deadpool fans had to watch as movie executives sewed their hero’s mouth shut, gave him laser eyes (yeah…laser eyes) and had his swords protrude from his hands like a Wolverine side project.

Considering most of the films based on superheroes have had to have rather toned down elements to bring in the younger audience, Deadpool’s mouth being sewed up was a sign that we would never get a film where Deadpool could have free range to uncomfortably entertain moviegoers.

Going into this, 20th Century Fox most likely had more faith in their Fantastic Four remake of last summer (which was garbage). Now with their heads spinning after the success of a character they just couldn’t put down, our heads will be spinning with the many doors that this will be opening for more films like this.

Deadpool has a story that we’ve seen many times, but like its comic predecessors dating back to when Stan Lee started building the Marvel empire in the early 60s, it breaks all the rules, and you will freaking love it. If I told you five years ago that we would be getting an R-rated Deadpool film with all the sex, violence, and vulgarity we want, you would probably slap me in the face. I would’ve slapped me in the face. Deadpool would’ve slapped me in the face.

Deadpool has started a storm, a storm that smells of chimichangas and old lady perfume, and you are going to want to take a whiff. He’s not the psychopath that we deserve, but the psychopath that we need.