Sounding Off on Spring Break

By Jalyn Bolyard, Contributing Writer

What are your plans for Spring Break?


Lindsey Shidemantle

Lindsey Shidemantle, Freshman Dental Hygiene major

“I’ll be horseback riding a lot and hanging out with my friends from back home.”

Reid Boden

Reid Boden, Freshman Secondary Education (Social Studies) major

“I’m going to go home and work in my brother-in-law’s restaurant. I’m going to visit with high school buddies, too, and catch up.”

Zac Morris

Zac Morris, Junior Exercise Physiology major, Theater minor

“I’m going down to Marshall University for a few days to visit my girlfriend.”

Shane Winland

Shane Winland, Junior Exercise Physiology major

“I’m going to Myrtle Beach to visit my grandparents at their condo on the beach.”