‘Awesome Project’ to fund $1,250 for two proposals

By Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager

The West Liberty University Fundraising and Grant Writing class announced the winners of their “Awesome Project” in the Alumni Room of the Student Union on Thursday, March 31, at 2:15 p.m.

Out of the 15 submitted grant proposals, the two winners were senior graduate student Luke Tkaczyk for his “Beta Basketball Court Revitalization” proposal and Jim Compston of the Office of Housing and Student Life for his “Tent Day Every Day” proposal. The total amount of funding being split between the two projects is $1,250; $550 will go to the basketball court and $700 will go to the tent project.

“As a graduating senior, I remember playing on the court in the past,” Tkaczyk said. “I have been brought people together and have spent the past two summers revitalizing Beta’s basketball court and tearing down weeds. I am happy to know that the efforts will continue.” The awarded funds for his proposal will be spent on two pole pads, a picnic table, and a volleyball net. Needed paint will be provided by the university maintenance department.

“We loved the idea because Beta Hall will become a freshman dorm next year,” said class member Chelsea Bishop. “It is located in a secluded atmosphere, and the court will give students a place to hang out close to ‘home.’ We also loved the versatility of the space and what Luke wanted to do with it, along with it being accessible every day.”

“We are awarding $700 to Jim Compston for the tent and a large Bluetooth speaker,” said class member Jessica Zeigler. “We thought it was a great campus-wide programming idea that is accessible to everyone everywhere. It’s not just for the housing department, and we love the initiative.”

“The busiest days on campus are tent days,” Compston said. “So, why not fund a tent and speakers to have tent day any day? It’s all mobile, so we can do it anywhere. This can promote any event, and it’s a way to get a name out there across campus in any spot.”

According to class member Morgan Wagner, the purpose of the “Awesome Project” was to “select a project to benefit the West Liberty campus community as much as possible. However, we as a class had the discretion to fund the full or partial amount of a proposal,” she said.

“It was quite a learning experience, and we spent a lot of time making our decision,” said class member Amber Harris.

“It was a difficult decision to narrow it down from 15 to the four finalists, and finally to the two winners,” said course instructor Lou Karas, Director of the Center for Arts and Education. “One thing that the students were pleased with was the fact that the winning proposals came from an individual student as well as a staff member. I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all of the students for their hard work throughout the process.”