WLU maintenance department improves Curtis Hall

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer

With the absence of students on campus during the summer, the West Liberty University maintenance department now has time to complete projects not possible during the academic year. This month, maintenance workers are improving Curtis Hall.

This fall, freshmen living in Curtis will find freshly painted rooms and hallways. The team of painters is made up of seven West Liberty students and led by maintenance worker Stephanie Mills. The project is moving quickly, and the painters are hoping to have the project finished by the end of June.

Student rooms are getting a fresh coat of paint but will remain white, and the color of the hallways will be changed entirely. The green and white currently seen in the hallways will be painted a light shade of blue, similar to the color found in Krise Hall. The floor lounges that are currently green and white will also be painted blue to match the hallways.

While painting is the biggest project going on in the building, other repairs are being made as well. Various electricians, carpenters, and plumbers from the maintenance department are going through the building to ensure everything is in working condition for future residents. Holes found in the walls of rooms and hallways have already been repaired, and any broken furniture will be replaced after the painting is finished. Any damaged windows or blinds will also be repaired or replaced in the coming weeks.

Not everything in Curtis is being changed, however. The lobby has already been renovated less than two years ago, and will remain unchanged. The bathrooms will not be painted, but are being cleaned and repairs are being made.

After the painting crew is finished with Curtis Hall, they will move around campus making repairs and touching up other dorm buildings. Curtis Hall is the largest project this summer, but the maintenance department is considering Bonar Hall for its next big job. Various touch-ups and repairs are also planned for the other dorms, as well as classrooms and offices in various other buildings.