Florence + the Machine bloomed at the Blossom Music Center

By Megan Jones, Advertising Manager

In today’s music world, it isn’t easy to find an artist with pure, raw talent. Luckily, I got to experience just that and more. Florence + the Machine, an indie rock band from London, graced the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with their presence on June 4, 2016. From the opening act to the encore at the end of the night, the crowd was on their feet.

The Blossom Music Center is an impressive and stunning amphitheater. As soon as I arrived I was surprised by the cheap VIP parking and beautiful nature like atmosphere. The show opened with Of Monsters and Men, an indie folk-pop group coming from Iceland. Being the first show of the tour that the band opened, they came out full of energy and left the crowd ready for the main act.

During the 30-minute break between sets, I sat nervously and excited, wondering if I what I was about to experience would be as great as I wanted it to be. When the lights dimmed and the disco ball-shingled backdrop was illuminated, I knew it was time to find out. I’m a long time fan of lead singer Florence Welch, so this moment was breathtaking for me.

She came out to a roaring crowd and was very charming. She waved at fans, blew kisses, and even passed out flowers to the pit. Her vocals brought an unmistakably spectacular sound to the music. It is truly a remarkable instrument of its own kind. After the first line of lyrics she sang, I realized I was in for an enchanting show.

The set list was outstanding and basically every Florence fan’s dream. It showcased all the hits from her album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” and even a few favorites from her previous album, “Lungs.” Florence sang every song with passion, energy, and grace.  When preforming her famous hit “Ship to Wreck,” she captivated the audience with her beautiful vibrato and had everyone dancing.

One thing I must applaud is how intimate this experience was for everyone, whether you were in the pit or 100 rows back on the lawn. Florence made sure this was a concert all would cherish. During the song “Rabbit Heart,” her enthusiasm was off the charts. She ran wildly back and forth on the stage, then shocked everyone when sprinting straight for the aisle.

Before the crowd even realized what was going on, she was at the back of the Pavilion throwing up peace with her hands and belting out the lyrics. Making the experience even more magical, towards the end of one song, Florence motioned for two incredibly excited fans to come on stage and dance with her.

She went on to beautifully sing a few more songs before coming to my all time favorite, “You’ve Got the Love.” Before singing, Florence spoke to the audience telling us “The world needs love.” She asked us to take the love she saw at the concert with us and spread it to the world. After leaving us memorized and feeling the love, she asked the audience to take off an article of clothing and wave it above our heads. The beat to “Dog Days are Over” began, and the crowd was more than ready to shed some clothing. This closed the set with excitement and unity.

Florence + the Machine left the crowd with a dramatic and magnificent encore, ending the entire night perfectly. I honestly have no negative critiques for this performance. Florence sounds just as good live, if not better, than any recording I’ve heard. She is undeniably talented and left me with many memories to cherish.