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    Debbie GuinnJul 17, 2016 at 11:34 am

    Megan Jones,

    Megan sure knows where to find a story. What better topic to weigh in on. Shoes!. We love them, got to have them, practice walking in them, fall in them, and display them as they are trophys in our arsenal of musts haves. Do We need them? No!, Can we walk in them? No! Can We get our feet in them? No, but if We try real hard our pinky toe turns to us achieve our obsession!

    Thank You for making me aware of this Exhibit.
    The Killer Heels! You explained in detail of what to expect to see at “Killer Heel” Exhibit in Pittsburgh, Pa, Thanks for letting me know something that I would have missed, except for your article!
    I think I’m in the mood to go SHOE Shopping!!!!!
    Great Article
    Debbie Guinn

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Killer Heels exhibit slays ‘The Frick’ in Pittsburgh