College of Education offers newly approved programs

By Jessica Broverman, Contributing Writer

School is back in session, and West Liberty University has made improvements by adding new majors on the Hilltop. Early Intervention, Teaching English and Global Education, and Reading Specialist are among the new majors and certifications, and they are included in College of Education’s curriculum.

Dr. Keely Camden, the dean of the College of Education, gave more insight on the new programs.

“We partnered with RESA VI this summer in the creation of an alternative certification program,” Camden said. “The program was approved by the WV State Board of Education in July.” From then on, these new majors became a reality.

The Early Intervention major is within the Teacher Education Program.

“This major is designed for students interested in working with preschool-age students and preschool-age students with various types of disabilities. Upon completion of the major, students would be eligible for pre-school special needs certification in West Virginia,” Camden said.

For more information on the Early Intervention major, contact Nicole Davis at [email protected].

Teaching English and Global Education is a part of the Community Education Program at WLU. This major option gives students the opportunity to teach English as a second language abroad. Students will learn this along with other trades in a new, up-to-date class facility. Contact Dr. Miriam Douglas at [email protected] for more information.

Graduate students still searching for a major now have the option of Reading Specialist. Graduates of this program will be eligible for Reading Specialist certification in West Virginia. These graduates could also be employed as Title I Reading teachers or Reading Specialists for school districts.

To find out more about the Reading Specialist certification, contact Theresa Kowcheck at [email protected] or Dr. Leann Elkins at [email protected].

The College of Education does not plan to stop here with its progress. The Director of Teacher Education and the Coordinator of the MA Education Program are still making efforts to develop new certificate programs. These programs would be with Educational Leadership and Technology Integration.

Preparation for future national accreditation reports and on-site visits are also in progress, and additional 2+2 programs with community colleges in the area are under development. New projects for the Center for Arts and Education are also underway; Director Lou Karas can provide more details at [email protected].

For more information regarding the College of Education’s programs and progress, contact Dr. Keely Camden at [email protected].

Photo by Kimberly Wolfe