New housing options arise for students

By Jessica Broverman, Contributing Writer

West Liberty University provides housing options for its students on and off campus. Dorms, duplexes, and apartments have been fixtures for years, but cabins have now become an option as well.

These cabins, which are located behind the Gary E. West Event Center, offer two or three bedrooms and are fully furnished.

 “Students have the opportunity to have private rooms and semi-private bathrooms,” Marcella Snyder, Executive Director of Housing and Student Life, said.  “Additionally, each cabin has a kitchen and laundry in the unit.  The cabins also offer privacy from campus, and less restrictions in some policies i.e. kitchen appliances.”

The cabins were already built before the decision to make them a part of the university, and they are not owned by West Liberty. These cabins are older, but have been revamped for the fall semester.

“We have had several (applicants) at this time,” Snyder said. “We are still working out some issues with Comcast and other last minute changes for the cabins. But we have been very fortunate to be working with an owner who is very responsive to our students’ needs.”

The cabins not only allow more convenience to campus and more freedom from regulations, but they also have some outdoor space for students. Each cabin has yard and porch space, but the amount does vary based on which cabin students reside in.

“I chose the cabin because I was ready to move out of the dorms and the cabins were my only other option for the school year,” said Lindsey Eclebery, a WLU education major. “So far it’s been great living in them, very quiet and super nice.”

“We are always looking for new and different housing options to offer our students,” Snyder said. “We will continue to look at new options for housing to meet the changing needs and wants of (the university).”

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