Jazzman’s offers flexibility with new ‘late-night swipe’

By Daniel Morgan, Editor

Over the past couple of years, West Liberty University students have voiced complaints about their meal plans. The students have been heard, and starting this year, students can use the new ‘late-night swipe’ at Jazzman’s Cafe and Bakery.

The new swipe allows students who have not used all of their meal plan swipes for the day to use them later at Jazzman’s, so none of their swipes go to waste. For example, if a student only has three meal swipes per day, but doesn’t use his or her lunch swipe, they now have the opportunity to use it later at Jazzman’s.
The late-night swipe had some problems starting out, but it is now working for any student who wishes to take advantage of it. 
“We had some problems early on, but everything should be up-and-running now,” said Rebecca Bowman, Retail Manager.
Already, students are beginning to take advantage of the new swipe, and business is better at Jazzman’s.
“Students are using the late-night swipe, and we’re now seeing an increase in sales overall,” Bowman said. Students have already begun to appreciate the new plan. 
“My study habits are a little crazy,” said West Liberty University student Jake Dziamniski. “I sometimes stay up late just to study for a quiz. I like the late-night swipe at Jazzman’s, because I can grab something real quick and fuel my brain to focus better on the subject at hand.”
In addition to the late-night swipe, Jazzman’s now allows West Liberty students to use their breakfast swipe. Previously, students were not allowed to use a meal plan swipe at Jazzman’s until 11 a.m. This change is also well-appreciated by West Liberty students.  
“Whenever I get sick of the getting the same thing every morning, I go to Jazzman’s to get a bagel or a muffin,” Dziamniski said.
“I think that the new ‘late-night swipe’ is going to work really well for a lot of students,” said West Liberty University senior Evan Greco. “I work on the weekends, and I sometimes don’t arrive back on campus until well past 8 p.m. Now that I can use the late swipe on Sunday evenings , I don’t have to worry as much about running out of Sodexo dollars near the end of the semester.” 
The changes made at Jazzman’s give students more flexibility in how they use their meal plan swipes, and it is expected to bring in a lot more customers to the campus coffee shop.